The Qualities We Seek to Embody

The following reflects our values… and how those values have formed our vision.

We believe we are to be…

  • A church where our lives are becoming increasingly centered and satisfied in God’s love; liberating us from the false pursuit of what possessions or even people can provide.

  • A church where our worship of God continuously brings the depths of our souls before the greatness and goodness of God.

  • A church that rises above fears and a “fortress mentality”; where those first exploring Jesus can safely join those who believe and encounter Christ’s calling together; where inviting and including is a natural part of our gathering.

  • A church where we grasp how we are each met at the point of God’s mercy; where we understand that mercy is fundamental to all that God does. Therefore, we aim to extend mercy to one another and to all to whom we minister, knowing that mercy extends the opportunity to “turn and come home,” which is the most essential response of the human heart. (Romans 2:4; Ephesians 2:13, 3:12; John 8:1-11; Luke 15:11-32; Matthew 18:21-35)

  • A church where the presence of Jesus establishes an atmosphere of grace and truth; where it’s safe to be real but the power of truth to change us is never withheld.

  • A church that creates a culture of authenticity; where we can be open, honest, and objective concerning our experience with God, and do nothing "for effect." (1 Corinthians 2:1-5)

  • A church where the in-breaking presence of the Kingdom of God is recognized; where the power of God, through the presence and gifts of the Holy Spirit, is welcomed to speak, touch, and heal; in a way that is made clear and common for all to experience.

  • A church where we discover Christ’s compassion; where we care for those among us and around us, especially those who may be the most socially lost, least, and left out.

  • A church where “everyone plays”… where every life discovers that God has "shaped" them for significance to serve others. (Ephesians 4:11-13)

  • A church where we enjoy generosity in our giving that truly comes from following Jesus in trusting God as our provider; where the grip of fear and greed can be broken by an ever-increasing work of faith and freedom within us.

  • A church where we enjoy the opportunity to tangibly trust God; pursuing what only God can fulfill, through the exercising of faith and prayer.

  • A church where every endeavor is marked by integrity and love.

  • A church that values creativity and the arts; as a gift from God.

  • A church that brings together what our world has pulled apart; where the racial, socio-economic, political, gender, and generational differences, that can define and divide us, discover unity in life with God.

  • A church where individuals and families find mutual support from one another; where single adults are seen equally as “first class” members of the larger community, marriages are honored, and families are supported in love for their children.

  • A church that really sees children as Jesus taught us... welcomed in His presence and blessing; where we invest ourselves in imparting the knowledge of God and the future of His ministry to them.

  • A church where successive generations of lives and leaders will be blessed to rise up and engage their own generation.

  • A church where everyone knows the joy of being a part of God’s love for the whole world in a real and relational way, through planting new churches and partnering with particular ministries around the world as God leads.

  • A church that pursues and demonstrates unity with other local churches… because we actually love the whole church in which Christ is revealed and honored.